October 18, 2020 (Calgary, AB): Today marks one year until the next Municipal Election, October 18, 2021.

It has been a challenging decade for Calgarians. With no economic recovery plan on the horizon, this speaks to the real need for change at City Hall.

“Where was City Hall when things came crashing down on Calgarians?” asks 2021 mayoral candidate, Jeromy Farkas, “They were busy raising taxes, growing bureaucracy and spending millions of dollars on projects that Calgarians didn’t need while families and businesses struggled to find ways to make-do and survive.”

Since his election as the Ward 11 Councillor in 2017, Farkas has lived up to his promises to advocate for fiscal restraint, transparency, and accountability at City Hall.

With the next municipal election one year away, Farkas knows that he cannot let Calgarians down. He has committed to keep championing for what is right – to keep standing up for Calgarians.

“We are deep in the middle of an economic crisis and there is still no plan for this city,” said Farkas.

Unprecedented challenges with the collapse in oil prices, foreign interference in the energy industry, destructive policies from all levels of government, a lack of cooperative federalism and a global health crisis have collided with reckless spending and an absence of leadership at City Hall.

The next election will be about the future of our city and the direction that it is going.

“Calgarians deserve respect, opportunity and hope for a better tomorrow,” said Farkas, “It’s time to do things differently and bring about positive change in this city. That change starts with listening to Calgarians and being a principled leader who puts citizens first. I care and will continue to lead by example.”



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