October 30, Calgary, AB – This week city council heard from the Council Compensation Review Committee on whether or not they are receiving too many entitlements.


Among the recommendations is to eliminate the Mayor’s second pension – a golden payout that no other mayor in any other city across Canada receives.


Jeromy has stood up to do away with these types of entitlements since he was elected in 2017. His first day on the job was celebrated with declining the golden pension that the mayor and council receive. It was a million dollar sacrifice that singled Jeromy out and set him on a crash course for the next three years against the establishment. “Calgarians these days are lucky to receive one pension, let alone two,” said Jeromy, Naheed Nenshi is the only mayor in the country to receive two pensions. It’s unfortunate it took hundreds of volunteer hours by the committee to tell us something we already know.”


Since then, Jeromy has also declined the transition allowance afforded to him. This entitlement is a one-time payout based on time served as an elected official that each outgoing councillor receives – regardless if they fail at re-election, move on to another level of office or step away from politics.


Last fall, Jeromy lead by example by calling on the mayor and council to take a wage cut. The bulk of council could not even bring themselves to support a paltry 5% cut. The Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation calculates that if Jeromy serves three terms and lives to age 85, these entitlements that Jeromy has walked away from would have cost the taxpayer more than $1.1M.


While provincial MLAs are taking pay cuts in light on the COVID-19 pandemic, our city council just cannot help themselves from dipping their hands into the cookie jar.


In 2016, council disregarded the then task force recommendations to scale back on entitlements. Of course, they ignored it then and it would not be surprising to see a repeat of that.