Letters to the editor of the Calgary Sun. October 9, 2021

Yes, Jeromy Farkas rightly disagreed with city council’s free-spending ways that dramatically increased property taxes and the cost of living for ordinary Calgarians. Undecided voters should read Farkas’ 10-point plan for real change, which focuses on jobs and a strong economy, an accountable city hall and safe and liveable communities. They should also bear in mind that Farkas is the only councillor to turn down the overly generous pension plan and as mayor will turn down that golden pension as well. The choice for mayor is obvious.

(It’s your vote, use it as you see fit.)

It never ceases to amaze me the tactics politicians will use to try to win a political seat. The same smoke and mirrors tactics were trotted out in Monday’s political debate. Jyoti Gondek stated outright: “Jeromy Farkas is lying to Calgarians. We’re not selling city parks. We’re not defunding police. We are not increasing our taxing ability.” The facts are readily available to all Calgarians as a matter of public record and the truth is not on Jyoti’s side! In fact, the records dispute Jyoti’s claims! There are many choices for mayor this election. Make your vote count! Two fed up Calgarians.

(Plenty of options for voters. And yes, people, fact check the claims or criticisms. The truth often dies or gets manipulated on the campaign trail.)

The voting records are clear and Jyoti Gondek voted yes to open Richmond Green Park to development. She voted yes to defund the police (diverting police funding to special projects doesn’t keep Calgarians safe). She also voted yes to new taxing powers. Taxpayers can’t afford anymore taxes. Remember there’s federal and provincial deficits that have to be paid and no, there’s no such thing as a money tree!

(Calgarians are seeing bills go through the roof. We need to rein in spending.)

Jyoti Gondek appears to be on course to perpetuate the reckless, unnecessary and wanton spending agenda established by outgoing Mayor Naheed Nenshi. As a senior living on a fixed income, I shudder to even consider the fiscal mess that Calgary would have been facing if we had bulldozed ahead with a frivolous, unwanted Winter Olympics boondoggle. The spend and tax crowd is vilifying Jeromy Farkas as being negative on everything, whereas I see him as the second coming of Ralph Klein, who brought common sense back in favour. I won’t shed a tear at the exit of Mayor Nenshi.

(Time to rein in spending and take stock of where we are as individuals, families and as a city. And we can’t ignore the poor state of the province in making these assessments.)

Please don’t be taken in again by Jyoti Gondek. This councillor has shown her true colour by shifting her tactics to those of Naheed Nenshi, wherein she is throwing aspersions at the person whom she believes is the biggest threat to her attempt to (win) the mayor’s chair in Calgary. She cannot stand on her record at city hall, where she consistently voted to increase taxes, sell off city parkland, build useless and expensive bike lanes in the city, resulting in decreased lanes for cars. She has now proven how petty and churlish she can be by slinging mud. We cannot afford a continuation of the Naheed Nenshi style in city hall. We taxpayers need a change in how we let these egotistical persons rule our lives. Don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over.

(Do Calgarians want more of the same?)

Re: “Umm, what?”, letter, Oct. 7. Jeromy Farkas (in the pocket of big business) and Jyoti Gondek (in the pocket of Alberta unions), are two career politicians that are going hard at each other. That is exactly why we must vote for Brad Field for mayor. It does not get more neutral than Brad Field. 

(We don’t want neutral, we want what’s best for average Calgarians. You know, the ones who really notice their bills rising in every direction.)


Letters to the editor of the Calgary Sun. October 11, 2021

I’ve lived in Ward 3 for over 20 years and have had the misfortune of having Jyoti Gondek as my councillor. I voted for her in 2017, and have come to regret it greatly. She is very clearly using her status as councillor as a stepping stone to take a run at becoming mayor, and the proof lies in how she has represented us. The Green Line is going to nowhere, she doesn’t respond to emails from her constituents, and she never reaches out to get feedback on how she is doing as our councillor. I don’t expect a personal phone call on a daily basis, but at least put in a little more effort than a short blurb in a community newspaper that very few people read. Her voting record is also abysmal. For a so-called conservative, she sure acts and votes like a Trudeau-style liberal. Voting to defund the police, to replace our golf courses and green spaces, and increasing taxes while giving little in return, not to mention her desire to impose authoritarian measures on hardworking people. This record is abysmal, and gives us a clear picture of what her as mayor would look like. With this in mind, it is clear she is nowhere near what we should expect in a mayor. Jyoti Gondek does not deserve to be mayor of Calgary. We don’t need to replace one bully with another. Do not vote for Jyoti Gondek. 

(Once bitten, twice shy?)