Keeping Calgarians safe

Jeromy views the safety and security of Calgarians as his primary duty. Most recently, Jeromy launched a ‘DEFEND the Police’ petition which garnered thousands of signatures urging Council not to defund the Police. He has successfully advocated for council to fund social service supports, such as the Downtown Outreach Addictions Partnership (DOAP) team, through other efficiencies.

In 2019, Jeromy advocated for the reopening of the Victoria Park downtown police station. Calgary is the only major city to be without a downtown police station in North America despite spiking crime rates and the continuation of the opioid crisis. He has advocated for funds to aid businesses and residents with safety and security supports to help them with the additional costs resulting from the unintended consequences of the safe injection site in the Beltline.

Jeromy has also advocated for flood mitigation improvements to protect families and businesses, and collaborated with local community associations on crime prevention and traffic safety initiatives. He pushed for Calgarians to have the right to vote on the issue of speed limits.

Protecting jobs and helping businesses

Jeromy has consistently championed responsible spending not just in an election year, but throughout his time on Council. He has put forward many proposals for tax freezes and cuts to benefit both residents and business owners. Most recently, he called on council to freeze business taxes for 2021, so that more Calgarians can keep their jobs during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

Jeromy was a central figure of support for businesses rallying against tax increases in 2019, with many showing up in droves to protest at City Hall as a backlash to the never-ending hikes courtesy of council.

He has always taken a ‘needs over wants’ approach and maintained that City Hall should be run more efficiently and get its spending under control. Jeromy also spearheaded unanimous Council support for our ethical oil and gas industry.

Delivering value for money

Jeromy kept his 2017 campaign promise by turning down the generous City Council pension. He has also declined the transition allowance that is paid out to all outgoing councillors. Jeromy believes that elected office should be a service rather than a career.

Determined to lead by example, he has also advocated for wage reductions for politicians and management, and successfully championed the elimination of the mayor’s second pension.

Jeromy strongly supported the right of Calgarians to vote on whether to hold the 2026 Olympics, and pushed for public disclosure throughout the debate.

Commitment to transparency and accountability

Jeromy believes he works for Calgarians, and not the other way around. He has advocated for the rights of Calgarians to be consulted on important issues such as the planning and development “Guidebook.”

During his time at City Hall, Jeromy has pushed for fewer secret meetings through reforms on how they are conducted. He has also advocated for real public engagement and less onerous processes for citizens to have their voices heard, and he has called on council to publish its voting record on an easy-to-navigate city website.

Jeromy has maintained his promise to hold monthly in-person town hall sessions, continuing these online since the COVID-19 pandemic. These candid events feature live, unfiltered question and answer facetime with Jeromy, reaffirming how his brand of politics is fresh, bold and represents the change that all Calgarians deserve.

Improving Calgarians’ everyday lives

Working hard for hardworking Calgarians, Jeromy returns calls made to his councillor office and is responsive to community concerns. One of the biggest roles of municipal government is to ensure core services keep up to the needs of its citizens. Jeromy has worked with the community to achieve heritage wins such as privately funded bilingual stop signs in the French-rooted Ward 11 community of Mission, community facility upgrades, park/pathway improvements, and maintaining bus routes in Lakeview.

This year he won unanimous support from his colleagues to fund the replacement of sound wall areas that were identified by countless residents as vital noise barriers. He was successful in partnering with a fellow councillor to replace all lead water pipes in the city and ensure that all Calgarians have access to clean drinking water. In 2019, Jeromy gained support for his efforts to combat anti-Semitism. In 2018, Jeromy successfully re-instated the City’s popular summer student internship program to save taxpayer money and ensure youth have access to opportunities.