October 12, 2021, Calgary, AB – Farkas supports Calgary Firefighters keeping Calgarians safe

Mayoral Candidate Jeromy Farkas is committing to work with Council to restore the Calgary firefighting budget. 

“The firefighting budget has been gutted over the last several years. Calgary is growing rapidly and our citizens can no longer be guaranteed definite response times to protect them and their property.”

In 2019, City Council approved an approximately 4% reduction to the Calgary Fire Department budget. At the time, only Jeromy Farkas and one other Councillor opposed this move.

“Our department is severely understaffed and inadequately funded. I am making the restoration of the firefighting budget a focus of my campaign. The safety of our citizens depends on it.”

To support Calgary firefighters keeping Calgarians safe, Jeromy is committing to:

  • Continuing 24-hour shifts;
  • Working with the new Council on a plan to phase in NFPA 1710 standards to meet appropriate service levels for fire safety;
  • Adequate occupational illness supports for first responders and their families.