Farkas calls for candidates to play by the rules:
“Dark money doesn’t belong in Calgary politics”


Saturday, September 25, 2021, Calgary, AB – In response to the most recent allegations of wrongdoing being made against another mayoral campaign, Jeromy Farkas is calling for ethical behaviour from municipal election candidates.

At least one mayoral candidate is under investigation for improperly colluding with a third-party advertiser or “PAC.”

“These recent revelations are concerning, but not surprising. This election is about change versus more of the same. I’m committed to running a clean campaign. Elections should be decided by Calgarians at the ballot box, rather than dark money,” said Jeromy.

“Candidates have to play by the rules. If they can’t be trusted to comply with the law, how can they possibly be trusted to look out for our city? The rules are clear, and Calgarians must demand that they be followed. We need change, not more backroom deals,” Jeromy concluded.