Farkas calls for transparency on changes to Calgary’s arena deal


Thursday, June 24, 2021 Calgary, AB – Following a marathon City Council closed-door meeting and a secret vote to make changes to the arena deal, Jeromy Farkas is calling on City Hall to come clean with Calgarians.

“Regardless of where they stood on the arena deal, Calgarians on all sides deserve to know what’s going on. Those who supported the deal want to know that it will get built, and those who opposed it are demanding that Council be accountable with the spending of public money,” Farkas said.

In April, the Calgary Municipal Land corporation announced that the new Flames arena/Event centre project had been paused to resolve “budget challenges.”

“Why is the arena over budget? What changes are being asked for, and by whom? What corners are potentially being cut? And during this pandemic and economic situation, has Council secretly sign off on more taxpayer dollars? Just like the Olympic debate, Council’s closed-door meetings leave many more questions than answers,” Farkas continued.

In 2019, Farkas raised concerns – that have since materialized – regarding the budget, transparency, and risk of cost overruns. He has taken a clear position against additional taxpayer funds for the project, and he is urging other candidates to make their position known.

“In this town, a deal is a deal and a handshake means something. Spending even more taxpayer money to bail out the project is not an option. Calgarians deserve transparency with their money. Calgarians are owed what they were promised at the original price tag,” Farkas concluded.