Saturday, October 2, 2021, Calgary, AB - Farkas commits to reducing City Council’s secret meetings

“Calgary City Council spends far too much time in secret, closed-door meetings – more than most other major Canadian city councils combined,” said Jeromy, “Calgarians deserve transparency, accountability and fairness. They deserve to know how decisions are being made.” 

Jeromy has heard from countless Calgarians who feel betrayed by their municipal government for making major decisions like the Olympics bid or the arena deal behind closed doors. 

“Calgary City Council spends far too much time in secret meetings and behind closed doors. As taxpayers, you deserve to know how your money is being spent,” Jeromy continued.

An open meetings policy would ensure better agenda items for council discussion, keep track of time spent in closed meetings and provide citizens a mechanism to challenge the reason for a closed meeting to be held. 

“I have long spoken out against these secret meetings. It’s time for City Council to regain the trust of Calgarians,” concluded Jeromy. 



10-point plan recap:

Promise #1 to control taxes and city spending through a four-year tax freeze.
Promise #2 to defend the police and address crime and security
Promise #3 to scrap the City Council “golden pension”
Promise #4 to protect single family neighbourhoods and reverse the controversial “Guidebook”
Promise #5 to improve traffic light synchronization