Tuesday, September 28, 2021, Calgary, AB - Farkas continues 10-point platform rollout with promise to defend the police, pursue re-opening of downtown police station

Mayoral Candidate Coun. Jeromy Farkas has continued to roll out his ten-point platform with a commitment to defend the police and work toward re-opening a downtown police station.

“As mayor, I will address crime and security, and reject the dangerous defund-the-police ideology. I will work to ensure that our emergency services are adequately funded, and re-open a downtown police station,” Jeromy said.

“Calgary is the only major city in North America without a downtown police station. Our downtown police station closed at the same time as the safe injection site opened, causing major problems for inner-city vibrancy and safety,” Jeromy continued.

Last fall, Jeromy took a stand against the defund the police push by City Council and launched an overwhelmingly positively received petition to DEFEND the police.  

Jeromy has a strong record of supporting pro-active and preventive measures that reduce the burden on police, including co-sponsoring the City’s Community Action on Mental Health and Addictions strategy. He is committed to ensuring adequately funded alternative response models, mental health and addictions supports, diversity training and accountability measures such as body-worn cameras.

“Properly resourced essential services benefit everyone. Our first responders are the first to run in, when everyone else is running out and I will always have their backs. We must stand united with our frontline and condemn the reckless, ideological calls to defund them. We can do this while also keeping Calgary Police accountable and on budget,” Jeromy concluded.