Thursday, September 30, 2021, Calgary, AB - Farkas continues platform roll-out with commitment to improve traffic light synchronization

“Time spent stuck in traffic is time spent away from home and family. Reducing driver frustration will make our roads safer and improve our quality of life. Synchronizing traffic lights is just one of the ways City Hall can get back to basics and focus on improving essential services,” Jeromy said.

If elected Mayor, Jeromy will push to fund and expand the installation of Adaptive Traffic Light Control technology to better synchronize lights throughout the city. These improvements will reduce traffic congestion, improve productivity, and reduce carbon emissions with fewer vehicles left idling. 

“Better traffic light synchronization will directly benefit the majority of Calgarians who drive, carpool, or take transit and directly help our environment and our economy. It’s time to improve traffic flow and safety in our city,” Jeromy concluded.


10-point plan recap:

Promise #1 to control taxes and city spending through a four-year tax freeze.
Promise #2 to defend the police and address crime and security
Promise #3 to scrap the City Council “golden pension”
Promise #4 to protect single family neighbourhoods and reverse the controversial “Guidebook”