Thursday, October 7, 2021, Calgary, AB – Farkas releases 10-Point Plan for change

Mayoral Candidate Jeromy Farkas has completed the roll-out of his 10-Point Plan for change today with the following statement:

“Calgary, it's time for change. When my family came to Canada, they saw our city as much more than a place to find a job. Calgary is something that you can't find just anywhere: the promise of a fresh start. 

Many doors were closed to my parents, but as Calgarians they worked hard so that those same doors would be made open to me. While we did not have a lot of money, we had a lot of opportunity. 

Over the past decade, Calgarians have struggled with lack of opportunity. We have witnessed the economy struggle, the tax burden increase, and City Hall establishment become increasingly out of touch. 

If elected mayor, I will focus on three priorities:

  • A strong and growing economy based on financial responsibility at City Hall.
  • Open and transparent government that better includes Calgarians in the decision-making process.
  • Safe and vibrant communities through support for our Police and other essential services.

I am running for mayor to bring about real change. This 10-Point Plan for change that will help Calgarians get our city back on top, where we belong. 

Calgary has what it takes to come back stronger than ever. It’s time for City Hall to work for the people again. Change starts now.”


Click here to review the 10-Point Plan