Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021, Calgary, AB – Farkas wraps-up 10-Point Plan with commitment on residential snow removal 

Mayoral Candidate Jeromy Farkas completes the roll-out of his 10-Point Plan for change today with a pledge to improve essential services by extending snow removal to residential streets during snow emergencies.

“We are a winter city, and we can do better for Calgarians,” said Jeromy, with reference to the snow emergency last February that resulted in people unable to get safely onto the roads.

“Calgarians deserve better value for their money. While property taxes have doubled over the last decade, essential City services have stagnated or have even been reduced. By reining in spending at City Hall, key services can be improved to ensure these daily needs are being met by municipal government,” Jeromy continued. 

“Compared to other cities, Calgary lags behind when it comes to snow removal. Waiting for a Chinook is simply not good enough. This is a matter of safety of Calgarians. We cannot have struggling families and seniors barricaded in their homes, unable to live their lives. Failure to address this issue causes further problems for our local economy, and delays emergency response times.” 

In years past, when residential snow removal lags so far behind, machines end up knocking down ruts or leaving a thick layer of snow and ice. This is especially concerning for our seniors and citizens with mobility challenges. Calgary spends two-thirds of what Edmonton does on snow removal, despite us being a larger city. 

“It’s time to modernize snow removal and make sure Calgarians aren’t left out in the cold,” Jeromy concluded.



10-point plan recap:

Promise #1 to control taxes and city spending through a four-year tax freeze.
Promise #2 to defend the police and address crime and security
Promise #3 to scrap the City Council “golden pension”
Promise #4 to protect single family neighbourhoods and reverse the controversial “Guidebook”
Promise #5 to improve traffic light synchronization
Promise #6 to reduce City Council's secret meetings
Promise #7 to make it easier to do business in our city
Promise #8 to champion a train connection to our airport
Promise # 9 to protect our parks and restrict their sale