Sept. 16, 2020 (Calgary, AB): Ward 11 Councillor Jeromy Farkas has declared his intention to run for Mayor in the upcoming 2021 Municipal Election. Jeromy grew up in Dover and was first elected to Calgary City Council in 2017 with a mandate to drive real change at City Hall.

His relentless pursuit of responsible spending, transparency, and making it easier to do business have earned him a groundswell of community support throughout Ward 11, and beyond.

“I’m asking you to think about what Calgary could be if we had new leadership, new ideas, and new opportunity. I’m asking you to think about how much more we could achieve if we leave behind the old ways of doing things. And I’m asking you to think about what is possible if only we had a Council that would say yes: yes to responsible spending, yes to transparency, and yes to opportunity,” Jeromy said.

Jeromy has released a video reflecting on his past three years of advocating for bold change and asking Council to vote yes to reasonable proposals. In the video, he outlines his vision for renewed opportunity for Calgarians and asks for a mandate that lives up to the spirit of Calgary as the hardest working, most entrepreneurial and innovative city in the country. “I am running to help unleash Calgary’s potential. I am running for every hard working Calgarian who supports their families. Everyone who’s been knocked down but gets back up,” Jeromy continued.

This decision follows three years of standing up for Calgarians against an out-of-touch establishment that has fallen short on protecting hardworking citizens, small businesses, and the city’s most vulnerable. With many Calgarians facing incredible struggles and dwindling hope under a City Council that remains stuck in the past and mired in division, Jeromy believes we need fresh, new leadership to unleash the full potential our great city has to offer. “Opportunity is what Calgarians need, and opportunity is what City Council must work to restore and renew for our city. In genuinely listening to Calgarians, you have made me realize just how much more opportunity there is for us – if only we had a Council that would help, rather than hold us back,” Jeromy concluded.

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