“Calgarians deserve smarter spending, lower taxes, better core services and safer communities.”

- Jeromy

Your input is important - it is being used to shape Jeromy's campaign platform which will be released in the coming months.

Here are the 4 key priorities:


Economic Growth
We need to get Calgarians back to work.

We must be unrelenting in our pursuit of economic recovery and growth. Now is the time to reclaim Calgary’s entrepreneur-friendly environment and show the world that we are open for business. Positive change begins with reining in taxes, simplifying approvals, eliminating unnecessary red tape and allowing entrepreneurs to succeed. We need to ensure that our youth and small businesses are given no reason to seek opportunity elsewhere.

Financial Responsibility
City Hall must get its budget under control.

Council must follow the lead of families and entrepreneurs who have made sacrifices through these challenging times. Wiser spending and giving Calgarians tax breaks must start now. Calgarians deserve a financially responsible municipal government, especially during unprecedented times like this COVID-19 pandemic. We must focus on “need-to-haves” over “nice-to-haves.”

Better Core Services
Calgarians deserve good value for their money.

Every Calgarian deserves a safe and inclusive city. We need a high-performance government that will deliver core services efficiently. Over the past ten years, property taxes have nearly doubled, and many new fees have been introduced. Meanwhile, service has only marginally improved in some areas, whole others have been significantly reduced. City Hall must focus on core services such as an affordable city-wide transit system, well-maintained infrastructure, efficient snow clearing and emergency services such as police and fire. We must leverage technology and foster innovation to achieve efficiencies in these areas.

Building Calgary for the 21st Century
Calgary must be bold, welcome new ideas, and build for the future

We must embrace new technology in delivering services, building quality infrastructure, and creating a vibrant downtown core that will usher in a new era of opportunity. We need to update existing infrastructure that is in disrepair and has been overlooked for far too long. We must focus on projects that will enhance our city’s safety and competitiveness, such as re-opening a downtown police station and building an LRT extension to the airport. We can improve accountability at City Hall by genuinely listening to Calgarians and allowing them to have meaningful input in major decisions that impact them, such as neighbourhood development. 

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