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Meet Jeromy

A born-and-raised Calgarian from the southeast community of Dover, Jeromy’s family story is one of hard work and sacrifice. Jeromy’s father arrived in Canada in 1957 as a refugee from communist Hungary, and his mother traces her roots to settlers who emigrated from Eastern Europe to homestead and build a better life.

Jeromy learned from a young age that anything is possible if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and work for it. His early years included delivering flyers at the age of 8 years old, bussing tables, labouring in an Ogden shingle factory and working his way through school.


Meet Jeromy


After earning a Political Science degree from the University of Calgary, Jeromy launched his entrepreneurial spirit through the start-up of a successful small business in data analysis and technology.

As jobs evaporated, he saw the burden on taxpayers grow heavier and how everyday Calgarians were ignored by an out-of-touch City Hall establishment. Jeromy grew frustrated seeing his peers move away to seek opportunity elsewhere. Rather than stand by and watch, Jeromy committed to do something about it.

In 2017, Jeromy was elected as the Councillor for Ward 11 on a promise to bring financial responsibility, transparency and integrity back to City Hall. Jeromy wasted no time in leading by example when he declined his generous council pension and transition allowance.


Jeromy Farkas


From day one, Jeromy kept true to his word and has been working hard on behalf of Calgary families, seniors, young people and businesses.


Jeromy Farkas


Jeromy’s record demonstrates his commitment to improving Calgarian’s everyday lives by championing wiser spending, lower taxes, better core services and a safer community. Jeromy will bring a fresh, new kind of leadership that will rally Calgarians together behind bold ideas that will turn things around and bring positive change to our city.

Jeromy understands firsthand that Calgarians are trailblazers at heart and that our city was built on the backs of hard-working, innovative and entrepreneurial people.

As mayor, he will bring fresh ideas and new energy to draw Calgarians together to solve our city’s urgent challenges and kickstart our economic engine.

An avid outdoor enthusiast, cyclist and runner, Jeromy competes regularly in the Calgary Ironman 70.3, and gives back as a career mentor to post-secondary students.




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