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Together, we will unleash Calgary’s potential.

I’m asking you to think hard about our future and the choice we have ahead of us in the next election.

Think about what Calgary could be if we had new leadership, new ideas, and new opportunity.

Think about how much more we could achieve if we leave behind the old ways of doing things.

And think about what is possible if only we had a Council that would say yes:

  • Yes to responsible spending.
  • Yes to transparency.
  • And yes to opportunity.

Opportunity is what Calgarians need, and opportunity is what we must work to restore and renew for our city.

In genuinely listening to Calgarians, you have made me realize just how much more opportunity there is for us – if only we had a Council that would help, rather than hold us back.

I am here because I want to help you write the next chapter of opportunity in Calgary’s remarkable story: the best city, in the best province, in the best country in the world.

My name is Jeromy Farkas, and I am asking to be your next mayor.

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